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Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona by leading Tree Care company.
Tree Removal Service Tucson is founded on over 20 years experience in the tree industry and doing hazardous tree removals in Tucson. One of our founding members comes from a long line of tree companies having family who have owned Tree companies in Tucson for a total of over 40 years advancing into other states. Our relationships have advanced to the most prestigious neighborhoods in Tucson and we are now Tucson's Trusted leader in Tree Care.

 Our company considers its skill comparable with others (in larger cities) having Master Board Certified Arborist on staff. Please explore our vast nature.

Tree Removal Service Tucson is always in the pursuit of providing something better for our customers. We started small and took our  years of experience and gave all we had to our customers. (Tree Removal Service Tucson is a trade name of House Renewal LLC) Shortly after our inception a need arose from a customer for advanced tree care and we called on our managing members many years of experience in the tree service industry. He was able to get everyone trained and share the tree service expertise that he had and been given to him by other Tree Service companies in Tucson. The transition to being a leading Arborist in Tucson was seamless and before anyone new it our sister company became what we are today, a full Tree Service company providing Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Tree Planting with the equipment, experience, insurance and loyalty to the Tucson community. Following the transition our company became members of the ISA, AZ Tree Council and the TCIA, Certified Tree Care Specialists, ROC Licensed with 3 other family leaders in the field. 

When  we say we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust we mean it and we really cannot wait to meet more of the great people in Tucson. Thank you for all your support and if you have not met us, give a call and we will do all we can to make you happy you did. Remember that Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona starts with this local Tree Service.

Our wish for you is to have the best yard that you could ever envision. We appreciate a beautiful final result of a yard in need of renovation. If your yard is looking like a pack rat nest let us change it to the manicured resort look that is popular in Ventana, La Paloma and the other premier neighborhoods of Tucson.
Here is a great letter from a friend about us!
September 8, 2010
RE: Tree Removal Service Tucson.

To Whom It May Concern: 
Tree Removal Service Tucson was recommended to me when my home was damaged by storms this past summer.  The referral came to me by a close friend and Tucson attorney who had hired Tree Removal Service Tucson and held this company in high regard.  The Company completed my landscaping and tree repair on time and in a very professional manner. 
Tree Removal Service Tucson, and Chris (managing member) was subsequently hired by my family for a major landscaping renovation and Tree Removal job.  This contract involved approximated 20 plus mature eucalyptus (30 year old trees approximately 60’ tall, 8 of which were professionally removed in a small area), 40’ rows of dead oleanders, and 30 or more palm trees. The landscaping challenges were also handled with professionalism through the three week job involving heavy equipment, cranes, grinders, and street closures.  Tree Removal Service Tucson completed the job on time and was dedicated to satisfying my family’s demands. This job was estimated to have over 80,000lbs of debris to be removed, requiring great skill and experience from all the Tucson Tree Services staff.         
I observed that this Tucson Tree Removal company was dedicated to the safety of their employees, as well as the safety of the neighbors and random observers of the challenging work-in-progress.  The Tucson Arborist demonstrated their utmost professional regard for safety and met all the deadlines.  This Tree Trimming Service was/is responsible and absolutely dedicated to the highest professional goals. 
I recommend this Tucson Tree Care team for any large scale assignment.  I hold this company in high professional esteem.  Please contact me for any addition information you may require regarding their work history and professional ability when it comes to Tree Pruning or Tucson Tree Removal.   
                                                                  David Basham
Thank you Dave for such a letter holding us in high esteem, we appreciate your friendship.

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