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Chris and Amanda's Tree Service offers Tree Trimming for Tucson, Az.
"Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is an outstanding Tree Service with a great service/price combination and reputation. We pride ourselves on not cutting essential costs to beat the competition. We care enough about you the customer to be Fully Insured-both for your and our protection. Please visit our Angie's List, Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Google reviews along with Super Service Awards by Googling “Chris and Amanda Tucson”. They all speak to our standards and workmanship having received multiple local awards and accreditations. We are a family-owned company with research-based practices and staffed with competent personnel. We areISA Certified Arborist, ROC Licensed (#320536 Click here to see our license status) and registered with the BBB, AZ Community Tree Council, and possess Workers Comp Insurance, Liability Insurance, Bonded, local business licenses and are in line with State and Federal laws. We look forward to serving you."

ISA Certified ArboristTree Service in Tucson, Arizona by leading Tree Arborist.Welcome to Chris and Amanda's Tree Service website! 

We have been chosen as the premier Full Service Tree Care Provider in Tucson. We are devoted to providing high-quality Tree Care in Tucson including Tucson Tree Trimming Service and the best Tree Removal Tucson Arizona has to offer for renovation of your property. We complete every job with the level of detail and professionalism that we would use on our own trees.

 Our Local Family Company has become a household name (formerly Tree Removal Service Tucson) that is known for professionalism. To continue to prove it, we will always put our absolute best effort behind everything we do. We want you to be like our extended family and we will not be happy unless you feel the love from our company. Do you want a better property? We will make it happen.

The Arborist at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona has been featured the Arizona Daily Star after the freeze giving advice on how Tucson should proceed, and also featured on KVOA Channel 4 when we were part of the charity drive removing the oleanders from Reid Park for free after the giraffe died. 
We have been educating Tucson on the proper way to care for tree's for years and are always offering FREE ADVICE on our ...Tree Blog Page  and on our  Tucson Tree Service YouTube channel!
Chris and Amanda sure miss Anthony MartinoThank you Ron Barber for your service to our community!Thank you David Spade for your local presence in Arizona!Chris and Amanda support our Wildcats!

These are just A Few Of Our Local Favorites

Tucson's Top Tree Removal Company! 
Being a leader in Tucson and the former Tree Removal Service Tucson it is expected that we care for our community and work as hard as we can to make Tucson better for the future and leave a small footprint. In doing this we promise to you that we do not and will not take any debris to trash facilities/city dump, all debris is recycled. Often we will use dumping trailers to separate the debris, some being used as mill wood, some as fine ground mulch to feed sick tree’s, some is taken to Fairfax to be turned into mulch for resale, some branches are used as supports/crutches when cabling and bracing is needed and lastly we recycle as firewood. This firewood effort gives Tucson a green alternative to firewood as the some firewood companies buy their mesquite from mexico and juniper from norther Arizona. This form of clear cutting is damaging to our environment in many ways including the spread of insects, and is not needed. Leading the way in Tucson we can all re use our tree service cutting's that are gathered from urban forestry.

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Az is committed to getting the job done right…every time.  
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How to Water your Tree in Tucson, Arizona by Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service. 520-591-9265
Tucson Arizona is a unique place to live and our environment demands its own set of rules. Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service offers some of the most comprehensive watering advice for the Old Pueblo. 520...
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Chris and Amanda's Tree Service - 1078 N Swan Rd


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Chris and Amanda's Tree Service, Tree Service, Tucson, AZ

If you have a property in Tucson and are looking to sell we can give you advice on the changes you should make that will make you money. Did you know that tree's ad value to property but problem tree's decrease the value?                                     
So often we are asked how one can improve their property in this economy. The answer is Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona! We offer you an amazing price/service combination for your renovation along with the years of local experience and insight that will help you with ideas. You too can have your yard and tree's looking like a manicured mansion on the hill or like a natural desert museum with native plants helping with water conservation and more. Whatever your desired look, we are here to help achieve your dreams! 
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Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE!  Need a different type of service? Our A list is at the bottom of this page!

Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service.These days not to many people have the time or patience to tend to their Tucson Tree Removal and Tree Trimming projects. Often they find that the job is just too big. Thankfully, Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, AZ is here to help.

Whether you want the best Tree Trimming Tucson Arizona has to offer, or help Planting Tree's to create a professional landscaped look, put our experienced team of Tucson Arborist to work for you.
We provide a wide range of  Tree Service's in Tucson Arizona that will enhance the value, appeal and quality of your property. With the top Tree Removal in Tucson Arizona you can take care of problem trees and start planning for the future. If you have the tree's of your dreams then Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Tucson Arizona will add some amazing value to your property and make you feel better about the health of your tree's and appearance. Our Tucson Tree Care professionals can do it all. We Guarantee you'll be satisfied with the finished result! 

Tucson's top Tree Service by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service
Chris and Amanda's Tree Service offers the top Tree Removal Tucson Arizona has to offer and we are ready to tackle your list of things to do. Along with having the leading Tucson Arborist for Tree Removal Service in Tucson Arizona on our staff, we also are trained Tree Care Specialist's with the TCIA. This means that if your Tree is sick and in need of advanced Tucson Tree Care, we can help diagnose the problem and get you a plan of action that will correct the problem. Tree Trimming Service in Tucson Arizona starts with Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.

Our years of experience has shown us that a one time renovation, followed up by a yearly minor maintenance plan, can be enough to detour pack rats, mistletoe, storm damage and more. Meanwhile, increasing the visual appeal of your property.

Do you need help with how to water your Tree's in Tucson, Arizona?
 We have a  MUST READ BLOG  helping you care for your Tree's.

Watch our video's on YouTube to help get a better understanding of Tree's in Tucson! 

Tree Service in Tucson by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service.Chris and Amanda's Tree Service located in Tucson, Arizona is happy to work hard for everyone we meet whether it is as a Tucson Tree Trimming Service or a top Tree Planting Service. We have over 100 Strait A reviews on Angies List and have won the Super Service Award 4 years in a row having even more accreditation's around the world in Tucson Tree Care while offering advanced Arboriculture

Below is one of our many Testimonies.

Angies List Member Comments:
Chris and Amanda's Tree Service removed an 70-80 ft. dead Eucalyptus tree and ground the tree stump. They also cleaned up all the left over debris and miscellaneous branches that had fallen onto the roof and neighbors yard that were already there. So they went above and beyond what they were required to do. Tree Removal Service Tucson was Professional, courteous,prompt, and went above and beyond what they said they were going to do. They even finished the job ahead of schedule. The pricing, and quality was the best I've seen in Tucson. Hands down. As far as I'm concerned Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is the only tree service that Tucson needs. I recommend them to anyone who needs tree work. We used a different Tucson Tree Service 5 years ago on the same tree, and they charged us $2000 just to prune the tree. Wish we would have used Chris and Amanda's Tree Service back then.

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(this is an actual Angies List Review below was our response)

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service  
Response from our local Tucson Arborist.

"Wow Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your trust in us to do that job. Hiring us without question and trusting that the work would be done professionally, even though it was a dead Euc over your house, tells me what a good person you are. Thank you for being so kind to me and our company. I wish you the very best with the rest of your renovation and am here to help with anything you need.
Chris and Amanda "

another review...

We wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful Tree Removal Service in Tucson Arizona you provided. We are completely happy with your work and the price to do 6 Palm Tree Removal's  and and also provide Tree Stump Removal. Your professionalism and excellent customer service sets you apart. We are referring you to all our friends, family, and neighbors!        Sarah C.

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Hire the Best Tree Company in Tucson.

                  If you're ready to update the appearance of your property but are worried about your pocket book, contact Chris and Amanda's Tree Service. We have the tools, training and desire to get the job done, at a price that you can afford, ask about our senior, teacher and military discounts. Our business model started as "changing lives one yard at a time" and we still do that to this day. Our overall goal is to treat you like family and give you the best that you deserve at a the lowest price that we are able. You will not sacrifice service or quality with our low prices, but you will get a better Tree Service in Tucson Arizona. Along our journeys we have learned that the highest price is usually the worst workmanship and the best workmanship is among the lowest price. Why is this?(watch our video)Well it is called a lottery mentality. The highest price is trying to hit a home run and has become lazy and spoiled not wanting to work hard to get a big payday, while the lower prices are used to working extremely hard to earn the same amount doing 4 times as may jobs. This does not mean that we do not make money but means that an averaging of the data, would prove over time, that the highest price is not attached with the best craftsmanship. 

                Through our success here we have adapted to give the best Tree Service Tucson to the people we meet. You no longer need to look to other Tree Companies or Landscape Companies, we offer all you need. Expert Tree Trimming in Tucson by Trained Tucson Arborist who are Tree Care Specialist. Our Yard work does not stop at Tree's, it starts there. Next, we can lay new rock, thin out and clear overgrown vegetation that promotes Pack Rats living close to your home or Plant new Tree's to replace the old ones. Beautifying your yard continues when diagnosed by our lead Tucson Arborist, feedings can bring your brown vegetation to life with bright vibrant colors. Landscape design idea's and Tree Planting Tucson suggestions will give you the educated choices that you need, chooses that you can not get from the controlled environment advice of a nursery. 

        At Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, AZ you will get our absolute best. We have seen ten's of Thousands of different situations and have the crews and training to help you with your needs. If we can't we are not to proud to tell you that we don't know the answer, or that more research is needed. Tree Service in Tucson Arizona is our way of life and you have found a home with us.

Do you need a local company to help you with other needs? 
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