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"Jumping Jack Joe" Children's Book in Video Online by C. D. Olson
Does your Tucson Tree Service need to be Licensed and have Insurance in Arizona?
Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - "Ouch! that Hurt"
Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - Killer Bee's in Tucson
Tree Trimming in Tucson. How to trim a Mesquite tree.


Children's Book Video Online
Filmstrip Pictures of Tree Removal by our Tree Service.
Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt
Tree Planting Tucson
Tree Removal Service Tucson.
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"Jumping Jack Joe" Children's Book in Video Online by C. D. Olson

"Jumping Jack Joe" a Children's Book Online

Author and Tree Service entrepreneur C. D. Olson has a long life story. The son of a Paranoid schizophrenic Mother, adopted at the age of 3 by and Aunt and Uncle, his childhood was spent in deep thought trying to understand his place in life.
 Through this childhood he stumbled onto a book by Shel Silverstein that intrigued his desire to write. Many years later he offers his writings with hopes that others may also be inspired to write.

Does your Tucson Tree Service need to be Licensed and have Insurance in Arizona?

Does your Tree Service in Tucson need to be Licensed by the ROC? 
It is a common question that many ask during the course of the year and we wanted to provide and answer when it comes to Tree Service in Tucson. If you ask someone if they are insured does the answer "Yes" mean anything? Or is there more than one insurance needed?

All of these answers will be answered in the video by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service on youtube. Our goal is not to talk bad about anyone but to add clarity to the subject that has a cloud over it.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - "Ouch! that Hurt"

Tree Climbing Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.Over the years while Cutting and Climbing Tree's in Tucson, Arizona a leading Tree Service can expect a few injuries. We have seen a few but thankfully nothing too major and most important we have never had a Workmans Comp or General Liability Accident. That is saying alot since we have out performed many others with our scheduling having cranked out one job after another tallying 10's of Thousands.

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service we have built a reputation of being the hardest working group of local Tucsonans around.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - Killer Bee's in Tucson

Killer Bee's in Tucson, Arizona.In Tucson, Arizona Tree Care is full of Adventure. In other parts of the country it is often mundane and full of scientific facts and routine low risk trimming. 

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service we have come to expect anything. If you have been reading our "Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt" blogs, it will not surprise you that we have ran into a bee or two.

Back in 2014 after a long summer of Tree Cutting we had a routine job that turned into anything but. A half dead California Pepper Tree Removal was supposed to be routine and as a side note the customer told us that they had seen some bee's around the tree but had done their due diligence and had a Bee Removal Company out and everything was fine.

Tree Trimming in Tucson. How to trim a Mesquite tree.

Tree Trimming in Tucson is often an adventure. Over the years I have learned to understand the mistakes that are made when it comes to Trimming multi trunk or branched tree's. Tucson is full of tree's that grow 30 feet wide and only 20 feet tall. So it is important to understand the correct way to trim a tree in Tucson.

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is a local combination of education and long time Tucson experience's. This history in Tucson has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the harmony between desert, freeze, soil and drought.

Tree Service Tucson, Discounts, Coupons and more!

Thank you for stopping in to Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! We promise to make it worth your while. 

When is comes to Tree Service Tucson is behind the times in many ways. Our Tree Care Companies are generally under trained when compared with the rest of the country. Part of this is due to the small market of the Old Pueblo and the other part is due to 3 unique environmental factors that make it impossible to read a book about Tree Care in Tucson. Our rocky soil, drought conditions and freeze conditions make Tucson a unique place that requires a special set of rules for Tucson Tree's.

Tree Planting Tucson - Good Tree's to Plant in Tucson.

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Unique and Friendly Tree’s to plant in Tucson, Arizona. Tree Planting in Tucson.
These video’s are a service to our Community providing information to Tucson for Free. Arborist consultations are expensive and our video’s are designed to save you money! Click Thumbs up and then com...

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt (Bomb in the Desert!)

Explosion in the Desert!Doing Tree Service in Tucson during the monsoon season is often an adventure. I have been out on 2 story roofs after a lightning strike broke a palm in half and have seen more strange weather events doing Tree Service than I ever expected. Nothing tops what I saw back in 2010.

Getting a call about a lightning struck tree is not uncommon, so when I heard that a tree had blown up I figured it was like all the others that I had seen. Before I arrived channel 13 had been out to do a news story, this should have tipped me off that something crazy had happened.

How to water a Tree in Tucson, Arizona.

For years we have been fixing tree's for the Tucson Community. Recently I had the opportunity to meet someone who was charged money to have a tree service inject 60 gallons of water in the soil for her tree. At this point I thought it may be helpful to put a large part of what we have done online for you. Tucson is a different place and during my study in Arboriculture I realized how different. Half of what I learned in a book was not applicable in Tucson. Our soil is so hard it changes the common teaching to incorrect.

Great video's to help Homeowners on YouTube.

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Mistletoe info by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service 520-591-9265
Mistletoe in Tucson, Arizona is not like other parts of the country, our native hardwood low lying tree's have learned to deal with it while our imported tree's often die from infestations.
Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is starting to do video's to help homeowners with those common tree questions.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! Alan Jackson?

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! Alan Jackson?Years ago I had the joy of helping a family in need ofTree Removal in Tucson Arizona.Often as parents grow old I interact with the children helping to make sure that the property'sTree Trimmingneeds are taken care of. On this special occasion the daughter was helping get the place ready to sell after her mother was put in a retirement home. Our job detail was massive and I went over the night before to drop off an extra dumping trailer as the crane would arrive at 530 in the morning. After dropping off the trailer I was pulling out of the drive to see the neighbor come out of the house waiving a gun at me.

Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona!

Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service!Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Az!

For years we have been helping Tucson, Arizona w/ tips, discounted prices and more. I wanted to lay a few things out to help our community understand Tucson Tree Services. Your understanding can help lead to saving money and getting a better service.... this is important. Years ago when we started our franchise in San Diego I learned about a phenomenon that an engineer had come up with. When working for him he explained that a group of friends had discussed the issue at length and stumbled on some new truths that you may find helpful.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! (Tucson Fire)

Fire in Tucson, AZ!For years we have written blogs trying to help our community with free advice. I wanted to start a new blog called Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt. It is a chance to share some of our crazy experiences that make us the best Tree Company in Tucson, giving us the depth of knowledge to be prepared for anything, because we have seen everything.
Firefighting is not on my list of things to do when I go to a job but I have found that I am ready for it if the need arises. Years ago we had our Crane out to remove this palm tree on a summer morning in Tucson.

Thank you Ron Barber

Thank you Ron BarberFor so many years of working and living here in Tucson me and Amanda have met some of the most memorable people. Tucson is a community full of Loving people who all appreciate the Old Pueblo and all it has to offer. On behalf of all the people I know, we would like to thank Ron Barber for his service to our Community. After loosing Gabrielle Giffords Ron was a light of hope and his most admirable quality is that he lives here with us and is one of us. For years I have ran into him here or there and have sang his praises for being a grass roots candidate and heartfelt representative of Tucson. We all can appreciate someone who steps up in a time of need and sacrifices his time and future to represent us. THANK YOU RON BARBER. After working for one of his children (another local Tucsonian), I got a chance to work for Ron and have continued that relationship. Sadly Ron is not going to run again but I encourage all of us to thank him and Nancy for putting Tucson first and showing the rest of the world that we are a community united. So the next time you see him changing his tires or changing his oil, thank him and show support for on of the many treasures we have here in Tucson.

Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona, what can you do?

Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona. What can you do?
Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona. What can you do?Years ago while cutting through a dead pine I cut through a cluster of live larvae. I took a picture which you can see on one of my other blogs. At that time more "educated arborist's" with the U of A scoffed and said "there is no pine beetles in Tucson, it's another illness killing the pines" I smiled, insulted and went on about my business. 

Many years later now everyone is scrambling trying to save their tree.

4 Time Winner of Angie's List Super Service Award!

4 Time Winner of Angie's List Super Service Award!

We are proud to be named, for the 4th year in a row, the Super Service Award Winner for Angies List. Since me and Amanda started Tree Removal Service Tucson it has been a non stop challenge to provide the quality and service that we know Tucson deserves. 

Receiving this Award is something we do not take lightly and want to thank all of the Members Who have voted for us over the years. 

It is our goal to provide the best Tree Service in Tucson and continually try to advance our craft and provide more state of the art service to Tucsonians. From all of us here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we want to thank everyone who has had a part of us becoming who we are today. We are so proud to be a fixed part of Tucson that people can count on.

Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.

Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.

We wanted to say thanks to David Spade for his Donation to the Phoenix Police department and other Arizona Charities. 

Here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we know the value of giving. After doing our donation, Removing the Oleanders at the Zoo, we received so much support from local Tucsonian's and have for years since then. It has helped us understand the need for all of us to give thanks to those able to help others.

How To save your Tree from Monsoon Storms in Tucson?

Tucson has a unique eco system that is unlike any other having challenges that can not be answered by textbook knowledge. Fortunately here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we have put our education to use with the hundreds of thousands of jobs we have completed to offer Tucsonian's the most sound advice on How To save your Tree from Monsoon Storms in Tucson.

Every year thousands of tree's in Tucson get blown over and suffer massive storm damage that puts a financial hardship on those effected.

Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona

How to plant a Tree in Tucson?

Tree Planting in Tucsonhas a bad rap for a good reason. In my Training as anArboristI learned the proper way to plant a tree and rarely see it in practice. Even Nurseries often provide inferior advice and leave you with a tree that never takes, or blows over in a Monsoon storm. Full neighborhoods are developed with improper tree's planted and planted in an improper location. Why? Well for 2 reasons.

1. Textbook knowledge, when not applied with on the job real life experience in our environment, has little place.

3 Time Angie's List Super Service Award winner!

3 Time Angie's List Super Service Award winner!

For the 3rd year in a row, Tree Removal Service Tucson has won the Super Service Award from Angie's List. We want to thank everyone that has made this possible including the wonderful AL Members that we have met and developed lifelong relationships with. Without you none of this would have been possible. It has been our passion to offer the best that we are capable of for the Tucson community, and winning this award means more than you would ever know.

Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?

Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's? Well I would have put a picture of the evidence but it is hard to get a good picture that shows up on camera. The picture beside is a tree that was topped (an unrecognized practice by the ISA). The end result will be a lot of boring insects tunneling into the cambium layer from the excessive damage.

How do you know if your tree is damaged? Well very simply look for little gold sap bubbles on the bark of the tree. Generally these will be above head level on the large branches.

Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

If you are asking the question, "Why do I have to pay forTree Trimmingevery year to clean dead" you probably have grubs.

Often I have run into concerns and signs of grubs. Tucson is full of grubs, combined with drought, other parasites and micro organisms, we have more dead and dying tree's than any other city of this size.

Grubs often feed and live under a lot of our cactus, over the years it seems that the spread to tree's is vast.

Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?

Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace? 

Well the short answer isYES!

Eucalyptus happens to be one of the best burning firewoods that Tucson, Arizona has to offer. With no Pitch or sap to worry about you can burn the wood like an oak or mesquite wood for a lot less money. Often I have told people that if I had to heat my home with firewood I would undoubtedly burn Eucalyptus as it is the best priced firewood in combination with stored energy.

You may ask, "what about all the products made from Eucalyptus oils?

Discounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Lute Olson Tucson, ArizonaAnthony Martino Tucson, ArizonaDiscounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Recently I ate dinner on the last night of a Tucson favorite. Anthony's in the Catalina's. For years Tucsonian's have enjoyed Anthony Martino and His fine dining, it is a loss that Tucson will take a long time to grieve. Thank you so Much Mr. Martino for all the years of Service here inTucson, Arizona.

That same weekend we ran into Lute Olson for the second time over the last couple of weeks and expressed to him our appreciation for all the great memories over the years.

Amazing Portrait Artist in Tucson

Amazing Portrait Artist in TucsonAmazing Portrait Artist in Tucson! In my travels I get honored to meet 10's of Thousands of Tucsonians. Often I amazed at the depth of talent possessed in our city. From high end Bicycle Fabricators to Voice over artist who have done memorable announcements for famous sporting events. Recently I met an Artist that has talent beyond any I have seen. I have been to art shows and viewings and even have a friend who commissioned Wall size artwork that came with a personal presentation showing and the work cost more than a small house.

Why is my Pine Tree is Dying in Tucson, Arizona? How do I save it?

Why is my Pine Tree is Dying in Tucson, Arizona?

So you would hope the company that removes more dead pine tree's in Tucson, Arizona than anyone would have some good tips on why your Pine Tree is Dying. I will attempt to help you on this issue and hope that we can help you save your pine tree.

Years ago when I was a little younger in my knowledge, and experience.(and age) I removed a dead pine tree for a very nice lady. I had already cut near 100 dead pine tree's at that time and knew a little.

Is your Tree Service hurting your Tree's? OUCH!

OUCH! Does it look like it hurts? I bet it does. If you read one of our many blogs you will understand how much damage has been done here. 

Often I go to estimates and have to battle the misinformation that has planted by another "reputable" Tree Service. The truth is that on the job training is not enough to qualify one's self as an Arborist.
Education is a must, and that combined with on the job experience is often a good combination. With that said, education can hurt ones ability to make sound decisions.

Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson?

Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson? If you live in Tucson like many of us these last years have been challenging to keep our citrus healthy. I have wrote many blogs on tree health and the needs of a tree but wanted to add a curious question I found in my own garden.

If you look at the picture uploaded to our Twitter page it will show you 2 citrus tree's, both planted, fed and groomed the same way over the years. (for the record I did not trim them, I inherited a butchers victim). I have fed them myself and it is obvious that the one on the left is struggling 4 times worse than the one on the right.

Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award!

Wow! Tree Removal Service Tucson is the Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award! Thank you all so much! From the bottom of my families heart I want to thank all of our friends and loyal customers who have went out their way to write over 24 straight A reviews and other positive stuff around the web and on paper sent to our office. It absolutely makes me proud to be a Tucsonian and part of this community.

In a world that seems to be loosing it's love of life, Friend's, God and Family, we are blessed to be surrounded by great people and meet more of them every day.

Lions Tailing done by uneducated Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.

Lions Tailing done by uneducated Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.Tree Removal Service Tucson is the top Tree Trimming company in Tucson, Arizona.So what is lions tailing? It is an unrecognized pruning practice by the ISA and ANSI Pruning Standards. It is widely done in Tucson by uneducated Arborist and is as dangerous as topping to the health of the tree. 

Basically as shown in the picture, it is the removal of all lateral branches on a parent branch leaving only a cluster of leaves or shoots at the end of the parent branch. The end result is a dead branch. Photosynthesis and moisture drawn from soil to feed a branch is basically done by evaporation from the holes on a leaf and the process creates suction and a demand for water on the other end.

My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do?

Stump Removal is a needed part of Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do? This is a problem that many of us face in Tucson. For a stretch of years these tree's were planted in bulk as the centerpiece and often the only tree in front yards. We have enjoyed the beauty of the trunks and the shade (a good thing in Tucson) of the large leaves. Living in our Urban forest they have been a great tree due to their ability to be excessively trimmed and still regenerate new shoots in a healthy manner quickly.

The problem with our most common species is that their average life span is roughly 50-60 years old before they start to go into decline.

Has a Licensed Landscaper ruined your tree in Tucson?

Has a Licensed Landscaper ruined your tree in Tucson?
Has a Licensed Tree Service ruined your tree by using an un educated Tree Arborist.This is a picture of a crime I have not seen since some of my training with the ISA. Topping a Tree in Tucson. This picture is taken from a commercial property, done by a Licensed Landscaper, I will not disclose who, but I am sure you have seen these tree's. 

When I first saw them I became sick to my stomach as it means these tree's have been butchered and literally ruined. There life span being shortened as the will no longer properly photosynthesis, use the food storage in the branches and trunk, have positive healthy shoots that are anchored in.

When should I Prune my Tree's in Tucson?

Determining a time to trim your tree's can often be a frustrating quest. I have heard many different opinions from theTucson Tree Servicecommunity. Depending on your variety of tree you may have a need to trim at a certain time which is different than others. 

So When should I Prune my Tree's in Tucson? A simple answer is Late February. The idea is that trimming right before spring allows the tree to heal and generate new shoots quickly causing less stress and harm from micro organism's.

Tree Removal Service Tucson

Tree Removal Service Tucson is a leader in the Tucson field of Arboriculture. Our Accreditations with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Angies List Super Service Award, TCIA and ISA Membership's, make us a first class stop for all of your tree care needs. In addition to this we have a TPT License, 2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Surety Bonds and much more!

The foundation came from the forming of an LLC that secured over 40 years of  Tucson Business experience, 15 years of  Tree Care experience, 5 Years of  Human Recourses Experience and more.

Topping you Eucalyptus Tree in Tucson.

Tucson, Arizona has a trusted Tree Service with leading Tree Arborist offering advanced Tree Care.Topping your Eucalyptus Tree in Tucson is not the ideal thing to do yet I see it happen all the time. 
For the record the ANSI Pruning standards DOES NOT recommend or recognize topping as an acceptable pruning practice. If removal is the only other option it may be considered but it is not advisable unless there is no other option.
It is needed that you read our other blogs on tree trimming and disease to understand how a tree reacts to cutting, storm damage and topping. The picture given is a direct example of why you do not top a tree.

Has your tree been over trimmed, over pruned or dying in Tucson?

Thinking back (on a family members experience) I remember him over trimming a pine tree. I wasn't around for the error made but heard about the aftermath and how a year later the tree died and needed removal by a (competing Tree Service). This family member has over 15 years experience having his own tree Service Company, yet he never grew or advanced his craft to understand Tree anatomy, morphology or physiology. 
Often I will have a customer ask to really trim their tree aggressively. We try to convince them that it is putting their tree at risk for micro organism's (see our other blogs), but at times the customer is ready to remove the tree already and trimming it aggressively is the last resort before removal.

How to prepare for monsoon storms in Tucson.

Monsoon season is back and we will undoubtedly see many unbelievable thing. Often I am asked (after the fact) what could I have done to prevent this? Well being too late the advice is often not usable as one's tree is gone. So I will give you a few tips to help your tree in monsoon storms in Tucson.

I have seen some crazy stuff. Last year we worked on and Airlines property that had over 20 Palo Verde and Mesquite tree's ripped in half. Literally the tree's were fractured half way up and the tops thrown 50+ feet.

Why your Freeze Damaged and Dead Eucalyptus or Willow Acacia will not grow back.

In a word, Microorganisms.
Trees do not heal or regrow new tissue when they have a wound. They actually compartmentalize (kill off) the area and clog the walls to prevent the spread of microorganisms. This area becomes dead and decays over time.
Microorganisms pioneer wounded trees and a freeze damaged Eucalyptus or Willow Acacia is a prime candidate. If you are able to see the obvious wounds then the tree is most likely fighting a loosing battle and in time the microorganisms will win.

Mulching and Fertilizing your Tree's in Tucson.

Well Winter is fast upon us and you know what that means, another possible hard freeze in Tucson. We are in a La Nina cycle (according to weather guys) and this is the second year of it. It seams are weather patterns are set up for another hard freeze in Tucson. Lets all get ready by Mulching and Fertilizing our Tree's in Tucson.
As some leaves fall and others darken and harden getting ready for the cold, we can help in little ways to encourage our tree's health for next spring. Although little root absorption is taking place, help your tree store that last bit of food by watering heartily over the next few weeks.

Scare Tactics. Facts for Hiring a Tree Trimming, Tree Service or Tree Removal Company in Tucson.

Hiring a Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.Scare Tactics. Facts for Hiring a Tree Trimming, Tree Service or Tree Removal Company in Tucson.
Recently My friend got an estimate for Commercial Plumbing of two Office Buildings in the last year. Each time it was the same experience, one contractor came in at 30,000$ while the other 2 were respectfully at 12,000 and 6,000$. We talked about how the prices could be that far apart? The answer that we came up with (he more than I, as he has been a business owner in Tucson for more than 40yrs), is that the 30,000$ contractor is still not in touch with our economy.

DIY Tree Removal in Tucson. How to Remove a Tree in Tucson.

How to Remove a Tree in Tucson.
Well this post is a long time coming. How does the local DIY do a Tree Removal in Tucson? After the freeze in 2011 causing the dead Willow Acacia and Eucalyptus trees all over town, tree removal companies in Tucson like ours have been swamped. More than that home owners have been swamped trying to figure out how to remove them. Often I have showed up to Tree Removals in progress, having been aborted because of the job being way to big. I get it, anyone can cut down a tree, but who wants to do it on their only day off in a month?

Tree Removal Service Tucson ends its relationship with Zoo Charity.

Tree Removal Service is lead by the top Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.Tree Removal Service Tucson is a leader in Tucson Tree Services and showed that by donating over 5,000.00$ in its Tree Removal Services to help with the removals of the Oleanders at Reid Park Zoo. After helping with 2 phases of the overall planned 3 phases, Tree Removal Service Tucson will discontinue it's relationship TLC Tree Services in Tucson. We appreciate the Zoo and it's positive impact in our community and we hope that our contribution helped. For years we have been Tucson's leader in

ISA Member on Staff at TRST.

Tree Care is done right by Tree Trimming Service in Tucson, Arizona.Tree Removal Service Tucson is a leader in Tucson Tree Removal. In an effort to offer First Class Tree Services for Tucson we now have an ISA Member on Staff. The ISA is a prestigious organization Governing Tree Care along with the TCIA. They are responsible for the certification of Arborist and other Tree Care Positions. Next year look for us to have a Certified Arborist on Staff as we have our Lead Tree Cutter in school studying for the exam.
TRST prides itself in offering the best Tree Care that Tucson has to offer. Follow us as we grow even bigger and better to best serve our Tucson Community. We want excellence to be a word that is thought of with our company, and we hope that the ISA relationship is one that will help us get there.

Tree Removal Service Tucson start Removing Oleanders at Reid Park Zoo

Friday Tree Removal Service Tucson got started on the Reid Park Zoo Oleander removal project.
Tucson, Arizona has the leading Tree Removal company in Tree Removal Service Tucson.
Phase 1 completed the removal of oleanders nearest the Reid Park Zoo animals. Tree Removal Service Tucson and TLC Environmental Services Tucson removed over 20 estimated shrubs with developed trunk diameters of 10 inches and cluster bases nearly 3 feet wide.
The roots were ground and all the poisonous plant leaves were removed from this first critical area. Phase 2 expects to attack the next closest row of oleander hedges along with TLC Environmental Services Tucson.

Helping Reid Park Zoo with Removal of Oleanders in Tucson.

Tree Removal Service Tucson has come together to help with TLC Tree Care Tucson to offer charitable services to the Reid Park Zoo helping with the Removal of Oleanders.
The plants have wreaked havoc on the Reid Park Zoo and we feel it our responsibility, as a community, to help in any way we are able. Following our tradition of customer service and putting Tucson first, we are happy to contribute a little of our time in this matter, as the Reid Park Zoo has contributed so much to our community.

Dead Willow Acacia Tree's regenerating from the root.

Tucson was faced with a freeze that lasted 3 days this year (2011) and it killed many tree's. In hindsight the worst effected was the Willow Acacia. Almost all died, I would estimate over 10,000 (our company has removed over 500 so far).
The biggest problem I have seen with the Dead Willow Acacia Tree's is them regenerating from the root. I have seen virtual jungles growing as a result of the tree's death. What do you do with that new growth?
Well first do not be fooled into thinking that it will ever be a tree again.

Tucson Monsoon Storms and your Trees falling over.e

Well the monsoon storms are here and Trees are already falling over. Two storms into this season I have seen dozens and expect that over 100 trees have been blown over in the last couple of days. This poses the question, What can we do to help our trees from falling over in the Monsoon Storms?
The answers has many parts. First lets Identify the trees at High risk. Palo Verde and Mesquite. These two are the two most likely to fall but a close 3rd is the Eucalyptus, pines etc.
Why do they fall?

Bugs rampant in Tucson Eucalyptus Trees.

Bugs are rampant in our Eucalyptus Trees in Tucson. I have seen them for some time, white dots on the leaves of our Eucalyptus Trees. Those white dots are actually the secretions of the bug as it is sucking the nutrition from the leaf.
Basicaly this bug is a form of tree lice known as Lerp Psyllis. Having run through California it is now are turn. Even though not all types of Eucalyptus trees are effected, most are. The result of these bugs is limb death or tree death causing the need for removal.

Tree Removal Service Tucson Accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

In an effort to always provide better service for Tucson we are happy to announce our completion of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Tree Removal Service Tucson and our team of tree experts believe strongly in customer service and hope that the personal touch shows every time we come to your home or property. With a commitment to customer service the relationship with the BBB is a perfect fit giving us one more opportunity to show you we care!
Thanks to everyone we have worked with over the last year through our transition, we can not wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

Dead Trees in Tucson from the freeze.

It is amazing what I have seen around town. Literally tens of thousands of Dead Willow and Shoestring Acacia Trees. The numbers are dumbfounding. Alot of people are at a loss as to what to do so I wanted to write a few tips.
If you have green coming in up higher then your tree is going to be ok, it is just in need of a topping or cutting removing the damaged tissue. Often trimming back to above the nearest 3-5 year crotches is the best answer and leaves your tree looking presentable until it gets new foliage.