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I would like to talk about how many dead pine tree's I have seen in Tucson. This coming week we are scheduled to remove 3 pine tree's on one property and then directly behind those is a neighbor with a dead pine tree. Our Tree Removal Service is going to handle these jobs affordably for the home owners but it breaks our heart to see tree after tree dying.
The Beetle responsible is aggressive and deadly. Laying larva in the bark the hatched beetles complete the second stage of life eating a tree then once developed they bore out and go in search of a new tree to infest.
My request is that neighbors watch out for neighbors and if you see a tree turn brown suddenly please notify the owner and action can be taken before we loose whole neighborhoods of trees. Also, it is believed that well hydrated Pines are less likely to get the beetle. They look for one that is dry. So water surrounding pines like crazy. (deep soak)
The beetle is not limited to a pine tree I have seen the bore hole in other species like a Willow Acacia and others.
Tucson is beautiful and I love our diverse tree's old and new. Lets all help to keep it this way and avoid the beetles. If a tree is infected search out a specialist in pesticides to treat the tree, at times it is hard to diagnose, so water your tree to make sure it is not a drought reaction that is causing the dying off. If this does not cause a response then call an expert. Often the beetles can settle in High up in the tree and kill limbs first but in time they will get low enough to kill the tree. Tree Removal Service is always an option, removing the tree from the neighborhood my be the best solution.
Whatever the decision, I wish you luck and hope that you never have to watch your tree die.

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