The Giant Eucalyptus Tree
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The Giant Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus trees often come into our world small and full of potential, leaving as giants larger than any other beside them.
I love the Ghost Gum Eucalyptus tree. It is beautiful and dominant with a trunk sturdy enough to hold up 100 mesquite trees. If it was time for me to landscape, 1 of these giants would be on my list. Notice I said 1? Tucson does not have the space required to plant multiples, and if you do, the day will come that you will have to remove them.
If you have one of these trees and you want to properly maintain it start with size control. This can be done by restricting water. Most people say "I never water it" then when It is removed, we end up cutting through a hose that has grown inside the tree. Finding hoses happens almost 50% of the time. If you have a sewer line nearby, call the plumber and treat it with copper sulfate to ensure no roots are able to draw water off the line.
This last week our company removed 2 dead and 1 live Eucalyptus trees. While doing so I caught a question from a neighbor about how much it would cost to trim her Eucalyptus tree. So I explained a little about what I would do and then she told me what she wanted to do. Trimming the outer branches was high on her list and pruning was not on her list. This poor tree was full of new growth from the ground up to about 25 feet. The growth was so dense you could not see the trunk of the tree. She said the growth was protecting the bark. From What?
On a large tree like this trimming outer branches is doing you a favor, not the tree. Pruning effectively up to about 25 feet is essential for stronger, fuller growth up top. An effective pruning can strengthen existing growth and encourage new growth in the proper places. Eucalyptus trees can be brittle almost self pruning trees, dropping small branches daily at times. Pruning the Trunk is part of maintaining your tree and with a tree like this it is almost mandatory. Once that is done then it is time to look at other options.
My wish is to see this Giant Tree survive in Tucson. Neglected they will not.
 P.S. If you ever need help please call our Tree Service and a couple others to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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