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Mistletoe Removal in Tucson

Tree Service in Tucson. Sometimes it is no service at all.
This last week I had a chance to go do a trim and mistletoe removal on a Mesquite tree. The owner had already had a tree service company out to do the exact same thing. What I found was 3 mistletoe balls and a canopy that you could not even walk under. So alot of trimming and branch removal later, I felt confident that the tree had received proper care and I was on my way. It reminded me of the tree service techniques that I have seen, often leaving owners a bad tree to look at.
Common things to look out for are trimming trees, companies often leave sticks protruding not trimming the minor branches back to the parent branch. At first you may not notice it but when they die and turn color shade they will stand out. Also in the same area of trimming, tree service companies almost never use a pruning seal. Why? I do not know. Our company does a majority of the time and always if the tree is at risk of shock from a heavy/deep tree trimming. watch for these things and as always I will try to blog on what I see. Using one of the top tree services always helps. Insurance, training and experience are needed along with a good feeling about who you are working with. Often the cheapest price is what dictates decisions, this is often not in your best interest. Using an affordable company that is not the highest price is usually the best option.
OK, with that said, mistletoe removal. Mistletoe is a needed part of maintenance in Tucson with all our Palo Verde and Mesquite Trees. The good news is that it is something you can maintain yourself, although, if you have an infestation you may need a tree service to come out one time.
The proper way to manage a mistletoe problem is to cut the infected branch off back to the nearest parent branch. Mistletoe is not normally treated well with Floral Fruit Eliminator as it effects the tree growth,  usually dying the tree and not permanent treating the tree as the mistletoe comes back. Mistletoe is spread by birds and if your tree is infected than you stand an excellent chance to get it again. This would be my reason for trying to teach the proper techniques for maintaining your tree. Now it stands to reason that if you keep cutting infected branches, in time, you will have no tree left. So the maintenance that I recommend is using the branch removal method for large growths then watching your tree and when you see one little mistletoe starting knock it off before it sets roots deep in the branch causing a need for removal. You can knock of then single mistletoe "branch" with a pruning pole, they fall off with little effort.
I hope this info was helpful and as always we are here for you if you should need a Tree Service. Our company prides itself on honest work for honest pay and customer satisfaction. We really try to treat you like family.

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