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Well we got thru Thanksgiving and are on our way to Christmas. This is a notoriously slow time in the tree service industry. Money is tight and the last thing we want to do is take care of the yard. The up side to taking care of your tree service needs now is getting a great price. Tree service companies have been swamped for 6 months having more work than they can handle, and the holidays is the first time the need more work.
So my advice to you... get a couple of bids and trim, remove, prune or grind that stump now. It may sound funny coming from me :) but if you read our Blogs you know that we are all about offering customers free tips to save money.
Our Tree Service Company is one that says they care and then backs it up. We actually try to look at Tucson as our family, in our line of work we meet a lot of people and I can tell you that Tucson is full of great people.
Growing up I lived in Tucson, Pennsylvania, Arkansas (cut a lot of trees there) and Minnesota. I found the last three places to be different than Tucson as people were more in touch with community, friends and neighbors. Then as I have grown into a nearly 40 year old man who tries to live my life with a moral compass, I realized that community is something that you contribute.....not take. So in my young adult life I looked for Tucson to have a sense of community to draw from and now I look to contribute instead. That is the difference, I have met around 1,000 or more people this year and can tell you that Tucsons community is alive and well!
We are a diverse group from different places, but in general we want everyone here to succeed. Knowing this, I have found, is only achieved by giving something to the community.
That is our company mission as evidenced in our work, prices and Free Blog Tips.
My tip to you.... take advantage of the holidays and the slow season and get a great price on your tree services. Mention this blog to me when you call and I will make sure you get serious value. This is coming from a company that prides itself in already low prices.
Your finding affordable prices will be easiest in December but during the cold months prices will be down across the board.
Have a Happy Holidays and we will see you out and about.

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