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Cedar Trees over run pines in the White Mountains?
Thats the latest that I heard on my Holiday break, how about you? I would love to hear your stories about trees and the different myths that float around about them.  My particular story told said that alot of the Juniper or Cedar trees in the White Mtn. area had over run what once was a field of pine trees. This supposedly happened for hundreds of square miles and the old pines are not to be found. Funny right?
Often we develop certain folk myths about our vegetation and surroundings. I think it is something that has happened for a long time and only happens less now that we are in the midst of the information age.
Information abundance does not mean that your tree guy is going to have a clue about what he is doing. Often an education needs to accompany the tree guys ability. This does not mean they need to be an arborist, but at least have the basic knowledge needed to prune, train and renovate trees.
In Tucson we have alot of tree guys running around, some very affordable..... no insurance, workers comp, commercial vehicle insurance, no proper training on climbing trees or safety regulations (TCIA). This is a problem when something goes wrong. Your home owners insurance and you can be responsible when something goes wrong if they are not properly structured.
This is a good reason to always go with credible Tree Service Companies. The top five are easy to find and I am proud to say that we are one of them. Some may be members of this or that and all of that is good, FULL insurance is the bottom line. A must have. Experience is next to that. After that look for education, training and local affiliations.
People are strange. Having managed 100's of properties and been on 1,000's of jobs I have learned that in hard times people do funny things. I recently had surgery and the result was less than stellar, the Doctor, instead of trying to cure my symptoms tried to explain them away. So I made a poor choice in Doctors, things got ruff for him and I saw his true colors. I have had experience with another doctor like this and it ends in a malpractice lawsuit. Alot of work for me but right is right. My lawyer tells me if its not over 100,000.00$ its not worth going after, too much legal cost and risk. This is my point to you...... if a unlicensed & uninsured tree guy messes up your property you will have no recourse. Lawyers won't even consult you unless you want to fund the whole deal up front (and lawyers are not cheap) so, as mad as you may be, you will get over it and he will go unpunished or un responsible for what he did to you. On the reverse side, should he fall, cut himself bad enough or or get seriously hurt, he will have no problem collecting from you and your insurance. A lawyer would represent him with no upfront cost and know that in a serious bodily injury case he would get paid in the end. YOU LOOSE.
So, if you insure your house and property, shouldn't the Tree Service that you use do the same? Insurance generally covers injury to property and person. It gives you somewhere to go to. It is best to get the policy up front and get listed as an additional insured if the job exceeds 1,000.00$. We all carry our FULL insurance with us and if you ask to see, you should see, no excuses.
A final note. Please understand that having your palm trimmed by an uninsured guy with a truck and a friend is a huge risk to you. In your best interest when hiring place great emphasis on insurance and know that people often change when things go wrong.

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