Watering your Tree too Much in Tucson?
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Watering your Tree too Much in Tucson?

I had 2 points of view thrown at me today. One was from a concerned homeowner trying to restrict a Eucalyptus from damaging his home so he has used water restriction somewhat successfully, buying time before the need of a heavy renovation. The other point of view came from an editor speaking about how inexpensive it is to water our trees over the year and that Tucson does not have so called drought resistant trees.
So, this made me think about my position on watering our trees in Tucson. Generally I recommend restricting water to control size when it comes to a tree damaging a structure. After all I see the final result when the tree has to be removed and I wish to avoid this at all costs. I love trees but not over the blessing that a non leaking roof over ones head does provide. My watering position comes often when I do a trim or heavy prune and the tree is in jeopardy of shock or death. I encourage a deep soak with a hose. Preferably a 24 hour trickle once every 2 weeks then every month once the tree seems to be through the shock. I also recommend this for trees that easily tip like the Chilean Mesquite. A deep soak encourages lower root growth and less risk of tipping during monsoon. Drip irrigation is not suitable for most Tucson Trees. Drip irrigation is for shrubs, gardens etc. not trees, so in this matter I would have to agree with the editors position.
Water is expensive in Tucson and not a natural resource. We have to value it. Water restriction is ok, just watch for limb death as most trees will kill off a limb if it is unable to sustain its size and others will show you through droppy leaves or in other ways. When you do water them please do it correctly. So, 5 min. with a hose every month is not ok. Take a little time and plan your watering and you will see great results. Always call on one of the top Tucson Tree Service Companies for help. Advice is always free.

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