How to kill a Stump or Root.
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How to kill a Stump or Root.

I guess this is a subject I have put off for awhile because the killing of trees is not our goal, but in our desire to offer free tree service tips I wanted to give our fans this one.
As always if you are unsure of what to do call a Professional Tree Service and get a free estimate.
Often roots grow into sewer lines causing 1,000's of dollars in damage. I have seen roots grow into a shower before and through walls. If water is to be found they will travel. Also another problem in our area are the Palo Verdes and such that regrow. When a tree threatens a structure and is removed, the last thing you want is for it to grow back in the same place. Our goal with removals is to prepare the area to planting of a new healthy tree in a location that it can thrive for the course of its life.
So with all this being said, I will tell you how to kill a stump or root.
Copper Sulfate (spell?) Hazardous Material!
It is commonly known as root killer and sold in the rental section at home depot. It is used by plumbers and they charge around 125$ a treatment. So Do It Yourself. Find your service cap outside by the house and pour about 4 cups in and do it again in one month  It will not kill the Tree if you treat the sewer line. For an aggressive root problem do more. But doing it yourself will save 100's of dollars. Sometimes preventative maintenance is good when Oleanders are involved. I suggest treating a problem area once a month, this will allow you to never have to cut the tree or oleander down and be able to enjoy the shade and privacy.
For treatment of stump drill down into stump 6 inches or so, in about 6 or more locations depending on the size of the stump. (on a fresh cut stump you can just sprinkle it on top of the cut and it will usually work, but it is a poison an I do not encourage this method) Fill with copper sulfate crystals and leave for 1 month or preferably 2 if you can help it. Do not water as it will dilute the treatment and not work. After 2 months the crystals will have done there job and lost there strength so you can water the area to dilute the poison. It will not effect surrounding plants and will stay isolated in the treated root. To be safe water lightly
Again copper sulfate is dangerous to animals and people, read instructions on bottle before use. Contact a professional tree service if needed.

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