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Why Tree Service in Tucson and not Landscaping?

Why Tree Service in Tucson and not Landscaping?
Its a question we all have asked at some point. I remember being younger and hearing about my brother and brother in law starting companies cutting tree's and I did not get it, not in Tucson. In Arkansas I had cut trees for a few years but that was logging and it's obvious we are not doing that here. So after time I worked with them and began to understand the needs of our community and how unique our City is. From Mistletoe to then mesquites and Palo Verde's threating our foundations and walls, to the Eucalyptus frenzy that was planted in the 70'sand 80's, we are original.
Landscapers in Tucson are efficient and working the land, but if you ask them to do anything over 8 feet high they are out of their element. Our tree's demand care over 20 foot and if we neglect the care we end up having to endure a sometimes costly removal. Yesterday I looked at a neglected Mesquite that had over 20 mistletoe balls in it and the neglect is causing a need for removal this week. It is unfortunate.
So what do us who offer Tree Service in Tucson bring to the job that a landscaper does not? Well most of all experience, day after day we work on the 100 foot palms and 80 foot tree's and we are proficient in what we do passing savings on to the customer when we can. Our equipment is 1st class, bringing over 5 chainsaws with the ability to reach and cut any size, stump machines to remove stumps, climbing gear to safely ascend to 80+ feet, blowers, tools and everything in between.
Tree Service is just that. Landscaping is just that.
Our company is committed to providing the highest level of  tree care on an affordable budget. We truly try to treat everyone  like family and we hope it shows in our reviews and the customer referrals we receive. We hope to meet you to one day and show you our level of commitment to Tucson and it's tree's.

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