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Dead Trees in Tucson from the freeze.

It is amazing what I have seen around town. Literally tens of thousands of Dead Willow and Shoestring Acacia Trees. The numbers are dumbfounding. Alot of people are at a loss as to what to do so I wanted to write a few tips.
If you have green coming in up higher then your tree is going to be ok, it is just in need of a topping or cutting removing the damaged tissue. Often trimming back to above the nearest 3-5 year crotches is the best answer and leaves your tree looking presentable until it gets new foliage.
If your tree is growing slightly around the roots you are in need of removal. All you will have in time is a bush that will never resemble the tree you once had. It will grow as a multi stemmed and be a source of trouble for your landscaping for years to come.
Some growth on the trunk usually requires removal still just due to the appearance and loss of shade that you will have with a trunk and bush combination.
Overall I think now is a great time for all of us to get back to native trees that are friendly to the well drained soil and climate. A friendly one is the little leaf Palo Verde. It stays small and is a good looking tree.
Whatever your choice know that tens of thousands of Tucsonans are going through the same thing, how to deal with dead trees in Tucson from the freeze.
Other dead trees include the silk oak tree.

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