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Bugs rampant in Tucson Eucalyptus Trees.

Bugs are rampant in our Eucalyptus Trees in Tucson. I have seen them for some time, white dots on the leaves of our Eucalyptus Trees. Those white dots are actually the secretions of the bug as it is sucking the nutrition from the leaf.
Basicaly this bug is a form of tree lice known as Lerp Psyllis. Having run through California it is now are turn. Even though not all types of Eucalyptus trees are effected, most are. The result of these bugs is limb death or tree death causing the need for removal. Look for them to fully spread through Tucson Eucalyptus Trees be the reason many die and or need renovations due to limb death.
What can we do?
Well, like the Pine Beatles (read our blog) , not much.Irrigation of the Eucalyptus Tree is needed as nutrition is being sucked out, also a mild fertilizer may help.
So, water you Eucalyptus Tree in Tucson to help it not kill of limbs or even worse die.

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