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DIY Tree Removal in Tucson. How to Remove a Tree in Tucson.

How to Remove a Tree in Tucson.
Well this post is a long time coming. How does the local DIY do a Tree Removal in Tucson? After the freeze in 2011 causing the dead Willow Acacia and Eucalyptus trees all over town, tree removal companies in Tucson like ours have been swamped. More than that home owners have been swamped trying to figure out how to remove them. Often I have showed up to Tree Removals in progress, having been aborted because of the job being way to big. I get it, anyone can cut down a tree, but who wants to do it on their only day off in a month? Not me, read my blogs and how I tackled a big tree renovation on my own property and swore I would hire my own company the next time.
So that comes to tree removal in Tucson. Tucson will be cutting trees for years to come and as a result alot of novice cutters are making a go at it. Growing up cutting trees in Arkansas I know how to fell a big tree, it took time to understand the art of removing a tree in Tucson. So, before I go on, if you do hire someone, please check there online reviews, angies list reviews, professional accreditations, written recommendations, and most of all Workers Compensation. Make them show you. Some companies say they have this and that, but the truth is they are good at lying. Some have had big accidents and cover it up by big promises, telling you how they are the best in Tucson. Trust me, a humble, good natured company can stand on its accomplishments and has no reason to sell themselves as the best. There are several companies in Tucson that cut several thousand tree's a year, without an accident, and those are the ones you want to use. I always say, go with your gut, plus alot of facts to back up what people say.
Alright, how do you cut down a tree in Tucson? First, this is not a perfect answer, and you may need to call a professional for assistance, but I will tell you how we do. When it comes to will acacia tree's you should be ok. Often they are small and in an easily accessible area (front yard). In this case cut your face cut or wedge cut ( < ) with the greater than side pointing to the area you would like the tree to fall. The apex of the cut must laterally be fat side facing the fall direction. If it has a slight lean to a different direction you may want to consider rigging the top leader with a rope to add leverage from a puller or two. Once the pack man cut is made and your weight is proper depending on lean, then make a straight cut from the back side ( - ) and as you complete the cut keep the saw cut aiming the landing. It should fall before you complete your cut. The hinge piece between is called holding wood. That is the basics of tree felling. The angle of face cut depends on condition but for the recreational cutter this should do.
If the tree has alot of branches and width that limits your landing, you may want to invest in a pole chain saw that you can thin the width of the tree before felling. Often and additional hand is helpful to pull on a branch for directional control, kind of like the rope for leverage technique already spoke about. The cutting can be done the same for branches, using the hinge to control the direction. Often if it is a big willow, we will bring a crane and use some of out rigging techniques to bring the tree down safely. Tree Removal in Tucson is difficult at times and often a professional is needed.
A couple of extra tips include using a tarp to keep the felling from falling on the yard. Often Tucson has a rock landscape and the dead willows break into thousands of little sticks, mixing in with the rocks making it very difficult to get out.
If you engage in cutting make sure to seek training in chainsaw safety, use of proper safety equipment and more.
Please give us a call for help, we pride ourselves in affordable tree removal in Tucson and can help you in many ways including stump grinding, treatment to prevent regrowth and more. See our blog on regeneration by the root.

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