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Has your tree been over trimmed, over pruned or dying in Tucson?

Thinking back (on a family members experience) I remember him over trimming a pine tree. I wasn't around for the error made but heard about the aftermath and how a year later the tree died and needed removal by a (competing Tree Service). This family member has over 15 years experience having his own tree Service Company, yet he never grew or advanced his craft to understand Tree anatomy, morphology or physiology. 
Often I will have a customer ask to really trim their tree aggressively. We try to convince them that it is putting their tree at risk for micro organism's (see our other blogs), but at times the customer is ready to remove the tree already and trimming it aggressively is the last resort before removal. In these cases topping or over pruning may be acceptable to avoid a removal.
So that gets me to my point, has your tree been over trimmed, over pruned or dying in Tucson? How do you know? Here are a couple of example pictures below.

Healthy Eucalyptus in Tucson.

This Tree has been virtually untouched and has a nice full crown. It could use some cleaning to remove dead and dying. 

Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona is done best by Tree removal Service.
Fully Trimmed Eucalyptus in Tucson. 

This tree has been cleaned and remains healthy.

Tree Service is lead by the best Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.

Over pruned Eucalyptus in Tucson.

This tree is dying and shows little hope after having been over pruned.Another view of dying Eucalyptus in Tucson.

Proper Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona by Tree Removal Service.
Dead or dying Eucalyptus in Tucson.

Your Tree Arborist may ruin your Tree with poor Tree Trimming techniques in Tucson, Arizona.

The lowest 2 pictures appear that I have only shown you a branch of the tree, but not true. I have shown you the whole tree. It has been trimmed to a single leader. All of the lower minor branches have been trimmed off the parent branch. This is called Lion's Tailing and is pretty self explanatory, trimming branches to look like lions tails. Often those lower lateral branches coming off the parent branch are needed to help with photosynthesis. 
Vital photosynthesis is simple. The leaf has holes that transpire or allow moisture to come out. The sun and evaporates the moisture and creates a suction from the xylem cells transferring moisture to the leaf, the process transfers down the tree to the roots absorbing new moisture. 

Understanding photosynthesis, just a little, we can obviously deduct that reducing the foliage and lateral branches to aggressively would prevent a tree from performing its most vital function. This would show up as your tree being over trimmed, over pruned and dying in Tucson.

No one is perfect. It seems in our day and age people often expect it but I have found we are all on this journey together and growing. Maturity and knowledge come with time, and often mistakes. My experience has taught me that everyone has a weak area. If you analyze tree service companies some specialize in certain area's. That family member of mine who has fed his family for over 15 years cutting tree's specializes in Palm Tree Trimming. So it makes sense that he would make a mistake in other area. See our blog on hiring a tree company in Tucson (Scare Tactics) to help you as tree care is so vast and since they are living organism's it is hard to master every area. 

What do you do? Well if your tree has been over pruned it may be too late. The microorganism battle is one that can be swayed in favor of the microorganism's by and over pruning. With that said here are a couple of things you can do. 

Water your tree. Study it and learn its needs. Do not over water in winter as most tree's shut down during this time.

Fertilize your  tree. Study its needs and add nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur as needed. Check for organic material in your soil and consider mulching (leave mulch away from your trunk flare) (if grass is present  consider the fact that most nutrients will be absorbed by the grass and that 90+ % off a tree's root system can be in the top 12 inches of soil).

Do not prune again when you see part of it die. A tree forms a layer in between the dead and live wood. If you cut again you may risk cutting into live wood and putting the tree into further decline.

I hope all of this was helpful and as always we are here to help if we can.

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