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Has a Licensed Landscaper ruined your tree in Tucson?

Has a Licensed Landscaper ruined your tree in Tucson?
Has a Licensed Tree Service ruined your tree by using an un educated Tree Arborist.This is a picture of a crime I have not seen since some of my training with the ISA. Topping a Tree in Tucson. This picture is taken from a commercial property, done by a Licensed Landscaper, I will not disclose who, but I am sure you have seen these tree's. 

When I first saw them I became sick to my stomach as it means these tree's have been butchered and literally ruined. There life span being shortened as the will no longer properly photosynthesis, use the food storage in the branches and trunk, have positive healthy shoots that are anchored in.

Micro organism's will spread and multiply attacking the tree's many cuts.. this poor tree had this done in Winter of all times when it is less able to heal it's wounds. 

It brings us to this, Has a Licensed Landscaper ruined your tree in Tucson?
If so call an educated Arborist to help with your tree care. Being a Tree Cutter for 20 years does not make one educated, but training with the TCIA and ISA to adhere to ANSI Pruning Practices is the only way. Our training is of this level, and although it does not make us perfect it does help us understand tree morphism and biology. Tree Topping is not an approved pruning practice by ANSI Standards and the cutter of this tree is a hack, no matter how Licensed or Legal they may appear to be. Check Tree Training Credentials for Tree Service before letting someone touch your tree as it may insure the death of something you love. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors does not require training, education or insurance for it's Licensed Landscapers. In fact no trade test is needed. So when you hire a Licensed Landscaper to do your Tree Trimming you may be ruining your tree if you do not check for General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Bond. Also there needs to be training as a Tree Service Arborist to do any kind of Tree Trimming being done. Always see the insurance Policies (4) and get reference letters along with training Accreditations in relation to Tree Service. You will be happy you did. As always we are a Tree Removal company with Advance Arborist providing Tree Service and here to help.

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