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My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do?

Stump Removal is a needed part of Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do? This is a problem that many of us face in Tucson. For a stretch of years these tree's were planted in bulk as the centerpiece and often the only tree in front yards. We have enjoyed the beauty of the trunks and the shade (a good thing in Tucson) of the large leaves. Living in our Urban forest they have been a great tree due to their ability to be excessively trimmed and still regenerate new shoots in a healthy manner quickly.

The problem with our most common species is that their average life span is roughly 50-60 years old before they start to go into decline. Unfortunately that is about now. These tree's that have gave, gave and gave are on their last leg so if you have said, My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do?, the answer is very little. 

Like the elderly a tree of this age is prone to sickness much easier than when it was an adolescent. So I recommend you get them on a good watering program. You can read some of other blogs on how to do that and what program works for you. (drip systems do not water tree's) After insuring that your tree's is properly fed with moisture get it on a yearly fertilizer. Again research our blogs. (Do not use steaks as they are very in effective) The last bit of advice I have is call a qualified Arborist to do the cutting on your tree. Poorly Educated cutting can open the tree up to micro organisms, hinder photosynthesis by improperly cutting vital branches and overall speed up the death of your tree. Again research our blog articles to help with the correct way to determine if an Arborist is qualified or DIY articles if you.

Mulberry is a very burnable wood and we recommend using the tree for firewood when it comes time to cut it down. Recycling our Tree's in Tucson helps us all and I advise you to read the children's book "The Giving Tree" to help understand how Tree's give and give and give to us and why it is important to not take for granted this valuable resource.

Tree Service in Tucson can sometimes be troublesome. Tree Removal can be a situation that anyone can do but advanced Tree Service by and Arborist should be saved for a professional Tree Trimming company.

I hope this was helpful in answering the question of My Mulberry Tree is dying in Tucson what can I do? As always we are an Advanced Arborist Tree Removal here to help with Tree Service in Tucson.

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