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Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson?

Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson? If you live in Tucson like many of us these last years have been challenging to keep our citrus healthy. I have wrote many blogs on tree health and the needs of a tree but wanted to add a curious question I found in my own garden.

If you look at the picture uploaded to our Twitter page it will show you 2 citrus tree's, both planted, fed and groomed the same way over the years. (for the record I did not trim them, I inherited a butchers victim). I have fed them myself and it is obvious that the one on the left is struggling 4 times worse than the one on the right. It poses the question why? The one on the left actually had more foliage at one point and one may think it bigger. But if you look close and understand tree morphology the answer is plain to see.

Tree's spring growth, fruit, buds and shoots are derived from fall nutrition. The nutrition the prior year is stored in the trunk and larger roots ready to be used in times of need. So when this last freeze came and damaged the 2 citrus, the one on the right has a trunk diameter twice the size of its partner and can recover much quicker. The left citrus is loosing its battle despite my efforts. If you have not read my blogs before, please note that citrus are best left unpruned. That means no Tree Trimming, not even by and experienced Tree Service Provider. Fuller crown and canopy to the ground promotes health. If you must trim, do a light tip pruning in the spring to help get a fuller fruit harvest.

So as I attempt to let these 2 tree's return to a healthier state I will attempt to increase the trunk diameter of the left citrus to help it in it's time of need. How? Well consistant food is the first place I will start, secondly I will protect it in the coming years with a heat lamp. 2 years ago I was Tree Service guy who covered of plants until I lost 3 small citrus in that 3 day freeze. Now I have switched to heat lamps turning them on for about 2 nights a year and have noticed dramatic results. The combination of my efforts, I know will bring these 2 back to health and spare the need of future Tree Removal.

As always our Tree Removal company is here to help you . Feel free to give us a call if you are in need to hire a Tree Service or Tree Trimming company. If you simply have a question shoot me an email and I will answer within the week.

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