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Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

If you are asking the question, "Why do I have to pay for Tree Trimming every year to clean dead" you probably have grubs.

Often I have run into concerns and signs of grubs. Tucson is full of grubs, combined with drought, other parasites and micro organisms, we have more dead and dying tree's than any other city of this size.

Grubs often feed and live under a lot of our cactus, over the years it seems that the spread to tree's is vast. The photo shown beside was a in a struggling Arizona Ash Tree, and I wish I could say it was the only time I've seen them in a tree root ball. 

If your tree is struggling, look to possible environmental factors such as drought, borers, mistletoe, structural damage etc. If Chlorosis of the leaves is present for no apparent reason and the tree is well fed and no environmental factors have changed, then you most likely have grubs eating the roots. This will result in lack of the tree's ability to pull much needed nutrients from the soil, resulting in chlorosis leading to excessive dead.

What can you do about grub's in your tree's? Very simply call Tree Removal Service Tucson, we have the thousands of tree's worked on data that will help you with a proper treatment for your tree. Often the tree may need more than one treatment and a feeding plan implemented to help with the tree recover. For years we have helped Tucsonian's with there Tree Trimming and Tree Removal and we are still here today to give you a hand. Any reputable Tree Removal or Tree Trimming company should be able to diagnose chlorosis and other signs of grubs.

I hope this was helpful answering your question, Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree? As a leading Tree Trimming company in Tucson we are here to help with your Tree Removal and advanced tree care needs by a leading Arborist.

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