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Does your Tucson Tree Service need to be Licensed and have Insurance in Arizona?

Does your Tree Service in Tucson need to be Licensed by the ROC? 
It is a common question that many ask during the course of the year and we wanted to provide and answer when it comes to Tree Service in Tucson. If you ask someone if they are insured does the answer "Yes" mean anything? Or is there more than one insurance needed?

All of these answers will be answered in the video by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service on youtube. Our goal is not to talk bad about anyone but to add clarity to the subject that has a cloud over it.

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Tree Service Licensing and Insurance Requirements for Tucson, Arizona
Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service offer these video’s as a free resource to Tucson, Arizona. Subscribe to see our latest posts and comment with your Tree Questions. Together we will make Tucson a better...

This video is a free resource to Tucson, Arizona about ROC Licensing, Insurance and Tree Service. Arizona statutes apply to Phoenix also so if you have this question I assume the answer will apply.

We encourage you to find your own answers by going to the roc website or by calling your ROC Licensing department at 1-602-542-1525

ROC Licensing is required for Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona if the contractor does jobs over 1,000$ or Grind Stumps. If they don't ever go over 1,000$ or Grind Stumps they are eligible as a Handyman/Gardener. The problem lies in the fact that no tree service sticks to jobs under 1,000$ because big Tree Removal in Tucson costs more and requires one to Grind Stumps. So why aren't they Licensed?
That is a good question that we should all call the ROC about. ROC licensing for Tree Service build confidence in our trade and Trust in the community. If you are a Tucson Tree Trimming guy or gal that never goes over 1,000$ or grinds stumps then don't worry about licensing.

We hope you like the video and remember if it gets alot of thumbs down that means it's true. I am sure it will ruffle some feathers and many will booooo it so that they hope the public will not believe the video credible. Facts are Facts, call the ROC yourself if you have any questions.

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