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Children's Book Video Online
Filmstrip Pictures of Tree Removal by our Tree Service.
Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt
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Tree Removal Service Tucson.
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Tree Blog (To see full article click on more at bottom of each article)

Tree Service tips for free

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How to kill a Stump or Root.

I guess this is a subject I have put off for awhile because the killing of trees is not our goal, but in our desire to offer freetree servicetips I wanted to give our fans this one.
As always if you are unsure of what to do call a Professional Tree Service and get a free estimate.
Often roots grow into sewer lines causing 1,000's of dollars in damage. I have seen roots grow into a shower before and through walls. If water is to be found they will travel. Also another problem in our area are the Palo Verdes and such that regrow.

Filmstrip of Tree Removal by Tree Removal Service Tucson.

Watch these pics of our tree removal service experts in Tucson!
Tucson, Arizona has a top Tree Service.
Tucson, Arizona has a top Tree Service.
Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona means Tree Removal Service Tucson.
Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona leads the world in Tree Removal.
Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona
Tree Removal Service in Tucson, Arizona.
Tree Removal Service in Tucson, Arizona.
We are prepared for expert Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona.
Tree Removal in Tucson Arizona.
Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona is done best with a Tree Arborist on Staff.
Tree Removal in Tucson Arizona.
Tucson, Arizona's top Tree Service company.
Tucson, Arizona's top Tree Service company.
Tree Removal completed by expert Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.

Watering your Tree too Much in Tucson?

I had 2 points of view thrown at me today. One was from a concerned homeowner trying to restrict a Eucalyptus from damaging his home so he has used water restriction somewhat successfully, buying time before the need of a heavy renovation. The other point of view came from an editor speaking about how inexpensive it is to water our trees over the year and that Tucson does not have so called drought resistant trees.
So, this made me think about my position on watering our trees in Tucson.

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What can we do for you?

There are a few Tree Service Companies that I trust in Tucson. My brother has owned a business in the Tree Service industry for 15 years and brother in law about the same. I consider others friends and call on them for advice from time to time if I have an odd ball question.
With that being said let me tell you a little about who we are.Tree Removal Service Tucsonis a leader in the field and can handle any job big or small. We have removed 100,000lbs of trees off of one property and have over 1,000 crane

The Palo Verde Trees in Tucson.

Last night I talked with a fellow who needed to have a young mesquite removed due to its size. We talked about the problem trees in the neighborhood like eucalyptus, mesquite and palo Verde. This got me thinking about the Palo Verde and thought I would share a little about them.
The Palo Verde (our State tree) is a tree  highly cultivated in Tucson only running second to the Mesquite Tree. It is here due to its ability to thrive in our soil at our elevation, also with green bark that can photosynthasize it is a great survivor in the desert.

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Cedar Trees over run pines in the White Mountains?
Thats the latest that I heard on my Holiday break, how about you? I would love to hear your stories about trees and the different myths that float around about them.  My particular story told said that alot of the Juniper or Cedar trees in the White Mtn. area had over run what once was a field of pine trees. This supposedly happened for hundreds of square miles and the old pines are not to be found. Funny right?
Often we develop certain folk myths about our vegetation and surroundings.

Renovation, Removal & Training

Here is the question.... "we have a mesquite that has cracked tiles on my roof due to broken limbs, and currently has grown out of control, what do I do? and I forgot to tell you my wife loves the tree for shade and does not want it removed."
A few more words were added but the general meaning stays the same. My first answer was simple. Get your wife reading our free blog and she will open up to removing the tree. Often removal is needed and only a consequence of bad previous owners who did not train the tree when young.


Well we got thru Thanksgiving and are on our way to Christmas. This is a notoriously slow time in the tree service industry. Money is tight and the last thing we want to do is take care of the yard. The up side to taking care of your tree service needs now is getting a great price.Tree service companieshave been swamped for 6 months having more work than they can handle, and the holidays is the first time the need more work.
So my advice to you... get a couple of bids andtrim,remove,pruneor

Mistletoe Removal in Tucson

Tree Service in Tucson. Sometimes it is no service at all.
This last week I had a chance to go do a trim and mistletoe removal on a Mesquite tree. The owner had already had a tree service company out to do the exact same thing. What I found was 3 mistletoe balls and a canopy that you could not even walk under. So alot of trimming and branch removal later, I felt confident that the tree had received proper care and I was on my way. It reminded me of the tree service techniques that I have seen, often leaving owners a bad tree to look at.

The TEXAS RANGER shrub in Tucson.

Recently in Tucson I came across another Texas Ranger that was in need of care. The owner was tired of the size and continual leaf fall mess it made.
This all took me back to my tree and shrub care training by my brother in law who is a Licensed Landscaper. He always told me to cut them down after fall and let them grow again. This maintenance keeps them small and offers a lot less leaf mess to clean up. (wrong)
Well, in my professional life and studies I have come to a different conclusion.

The Giant Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus trees often come into our world small and full of potential, leaving as giants larger than any other beside them.
I love the Ghost Gum Eucalyptus tree. It is beautiful and dominant with a trunk sturdy enough to hold up 100 mesquite trees. If it was time for me to landscape, 1 of these giants would be on my list. Notice I said 1? Tucson does not have the space required to plant multiples, and if you do, the day will come that you will have to remove them.
If you have one of these trees and you want to properly maintain it start with size control.


I would like to talk about how many dead pine tree's I have seen in Tucson. This coming week we are scheduled to remove 3 pine tree's on one property and then directly behind those is a neighbor with a dead pine tree. OurTree Removal Serviceis going to handle these jobs affordably for the home owners but it breaks our heart to see tree after tree dying.
The Beetle responsible is aggressive and deadly. Laying larva in the bark the hatched beetles complete the second stage of life eating a tree then once developed they bore out and go in search of a new tree to infest.

Trimming a Palo Verde

Crown Reduction and Crown lifting are often needed on the same trees. Our experience has Palo Verde's at the top of the list for these. Often they grow too low, this keeps you from being able to walk close to the tree. So Crown lifting will allow you to work on your tree. Simply remove orPrune the lower limbs until the crown has been lifted 3-5 feet. Then get the Palo Verde under control by doing a crown Reduction. This is done by simply snipping outer branches near the outer edge. You do not want to cut any deeper than 2-3 feet from the outer edge of the crown.

Trimming Trees

We made it through another week and it was a great one! As a company out tree trimming has been an area that we are growing in. With over 12 years experience in Removals it is easy to want to look for that work because it is so comfortable, but with our expansion we need to specialize in all forms of tree care. Tree pruning and trimming is something that we have a lot of experience in but have not been focusing on so recently we have been training the team again on proper tree maintenance techniques both artistic and functional. Often we find property owners who have a take on trimming and what counts is customer satisfaction, so we are happy to accommodate. Our basic stance is that lower pruning of new growth is needed to strengthen existing limbs, trimming is needed for appearance and function, thinning is often needed to strengthen other limbs and cut down on kite effect that dense foliage can have in the wind. This is not all but a good start, obviously structural centering is needed and sometimes that includes major limb removals. So we press on always learning more and teaching as we go. Hope to see you and help you in your field of trees.

Tree Stump Removals

Well we are making it through another week and this week has brought alot of tree stump removals. I can not tell you how many times in a week we see left over tree stumps. Tree stump removal is the least expensive part of tree removal yet it seems that everyone cuts cost by skipping it. Just so you know, you cant skip it, only put it off. When the time comes to remove it, the tree stump removal will actually cost you more than if you had it done when the tree removed. Average price of a tree stump removal is 150 if you do it with the tree and 250 if you do it later.

Palm Tree Maintenance. PALMS, PALMS, PALMS!

Recently I have got allot of questions from apartments and property owners on the correct maintenance of a palm. Although I am not jumping out of bed to go climb a palm in the morning, My brother specializes in palm tree trimming so I know enough to get by. What I have been telling everyone is pretty basic but at times people need to hear it from someone.
First and foremost I tell everyone that there is no wrong way to maintenance if you like the appearance.
With that being said there is some things to avoid.

Tips for free

I wanted to start a little post with some free advice for our customers. Often when we do an estimate we answer alot of questions that seem pretty common but how often does your palm get hit by lightning? or your mesquite fall in half? so it is understandable to not have the answers to these questions.